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How many lessons will I need?

There is no minimum or maximum lessons required for a person to pass their probationary licence test. However, if you are under the age of 21 years you are required to have completed 120 hours of supervised driving and record it in your log book. You will be asked to present your log to the testing officer on the day of your probationary test. Also your driver trainer will give you an accurate assessment on how many lessons you may need on completion of your first drive.

Manual or Auto?

The choice is up to you but you need to be mindful that if you gain an automatic licence you will only be able to drive an automatic vehicle until your probationary period ends. If you gain a manual licence you can drive both manual and automatic cars straight away. Question's for yourself might be, could I be required to drive a manual vehicle for work one day or to get a mate out of trouble??

Driving on busy roads day one?

Your driving instructor will be very patient with you and will discuss with you if you would like to start on a quiet street etc. Everybody comes in at different driving levels and your assessor will adjust your lesson accordingly. Remember, all our vehicles have dual controls for your safety.

What to expect?

Your driver trainer will always treat you with great respect and the lesson will be carried out in a stress free environment. Not only are we patient and friendly we also have a wealth of knowledge and experience. This enables us to teach you as quick as you can learn, hence driving lessons are tailored for each individual's needs.

Why should I choose Wimmera Driving School?

Simply, at Wimmera Driving School we go over and above just training students to pass their probationary driving test, we put in the extra dedication required to get our own students up to a level so they will adjust comfortably to the standared of day to day driving immediately and in all conditions and situations that may arise. We work hard and our students will "Develop and apply safe driving procedures" with every drive they have from day one and into the futue.

How do I book for my probationary licence?

We can book it for you, free of charge.