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Our Services

service1Auto and manual lessons...

We offer one hour driving lessons although double lessons can be booked. We are flexible and we can work in to suit your time contstraints. We are also flexible in pick up and drop off destinations, for example being picked up from school and being dropped off at home.

7 days a week, all conditions...

We are available at short notice (depending on bookings) to drive in all sort of conditions such as wet weather, hail, fog, and darkness. Although the idea of driving in these conditions can be daunting it is essential to practice and gain the driving skills required to handle such conditions.

service2City and highway driving...

Once a month we offer our students the opportunity to gain valuable city and highway driving experience. On the last Sunday of each month we take 4 students down to Ballarat where they will each receive 1 hour of highway driving and 1 hour of city driving. This opportunity is reliant on students numbers and requests each month.

Basic vehicle maintenance...

Vehicle pre-start checks and basic maintenance checks are also available upon request, things such as tyre changing, oil, coolant, fluid levels, belt tension, wear and tear and more.


  • 1 hour lesson
  • Double lessons
  • Package deals
  • Gift vouchers